The search(Part four)

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The search(Part four)

Post  Darkey on Sat Jul 03, 2010 11:21 am

*They reached the hill early in the morning.Darkey was still weary but he walked on.Before he knew it he saw briar with a deer and two rabbits.Then they saw a huge shadow appear over them they looked up and the dragon looked down.Then she swooped down and landed she looked from Briar to Darkey then gasped.*"Brother is that you?"*Darkey tilted his head and she walked up and hugged him.*"Oh dearist brother it is you""who are you?""Scince you havent figured it out...Im your sister"*the large dark dragon with the element of water smiled.Darkey signaled Briar could leave now so he flew off.His sister would teach him how to fly and where to go.So Darkey stayed with her and slept long with her next to him smiling.*

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