The search(part one)

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The search(part one)

Post  Darkey on Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:36 am

(My text will constantly be in dark blue just so you know when I talk)

*Darkey tumbled down a hill into the swamp.He knew he had to find it.But where could it be.He soon found tumbling left him with scratches.They were sore and bled.He didnt know something was following him lept from the bushes and glared.Then it spoke with a low and cracked voice.*"Who are you and why are you here"*Darkey shook and looked up at the large black dragon.He gathered all his courage and spoke.*"Im Darkey and Ive come on a journy"*the older dragon narrowed his eyes*"What for"*Darkey stiffened.He didnt want anyone knowing what "it" was.But he had to tell the truth*"My sibling...her name is Nim...shes a dark dragon like me but shes huge and her element is water"*The other dragon lookeed bewildered*"But your a child and by the way Im Briar"*Darkey smiled*"Your gonna acompany me"*The dragon nodded*

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