Species #1- Western Dragons

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Species #1- Western Dragons

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Overall Info
The confident Western’s are very trustworthy. They like to be kept active because of their large energy reserves and can be impatient at times. Adventurous in nature and daring, they can be quite a handful if not raised properly.

Western Dragon Hatchling
The Western hatchling is full of energy and loves nothing better than to play all day. These youngsters only have small filigree-like wings, so they are unable to fly yet. Their horns, which are a major feature of the breed, are starting to show.

Western Dragon Child
The Western child tends to sleep a lot, building energy resources for growth. When awake they are still very playful and can tire the most energetic of us all. Their wings have grown larger, but they are not quite strong enough for flight. Their general body condition is becoming more muscular.

Western Dragon Teenager
The Western teenager starts to get little frills growing under the horns, and their appearance is starting to look more mature. Like a typical teenager they occasionally can be grumpy, wanting to be on their own for short spells. They have started to test out their wings, strengthening them to prepare for flight. They have also started to discover the ability of spitting fire, although they are not quite successful yet at producing any real flame.

Western Dragon Adult
The adult Western’s body has become muscular and full body growth has been obtained, their head frills have become much larger. They have mastered the ability of flight and spitting fire and look magnificent in flight, lighting up the sky with their fiery breath. Their attitude has matured and although they are one of the larger species, their manner is gentle.

Western Dragon Ancient

The wise and gentle ancient Western is older, but still has that playful streak, making them excellent with the youngsters. Their wings are a bit worn as they are now showing their age, but they are still able to fly. The proud ancient can often be seen basking in the evening, enjoying the last rays of sunshine.

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