Species #3- Furdragons

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Species #3- Furdragons

Post  Ocean on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:05 pm

Overall Information:
The cute Furdragon’s are kind natured and often very playful. Their bodies are almost fully covered with a soft dense fur. They’re not the most intelligent of the dragons but are certainly friendly, almost childlike in nature making them an excellent pet to own. Some Furdragon’s can be a little finicky and demanding though at times.

Furdragon Hatchling:
The cute Furdragon hatchling loves to play all day long. Slightly naive in nature, they go along with whatever mischief the other hatchlings tend to get up to. Not being very strong, they normally end up being the first to get hurt in a scuffle. Their wings are too small for flight right now, but will grow later on.

Furdragon Child:
The Furdragon child constantly tests their fragile wings which have grown enough now for small bursts of flight before tiring. The skin on the wings has a silk-like feel to them. Still very naive and playful, the Furdragon child isn’t very intelligent, but their friendly nature towards others wins them friends easily.

Furdragon Teenager:
The teenager Furdragon’s wings have grown both in size and strength. They are able to maintain uninterrupted flight for up to 20-30 mins at a time now before needing to take a break. They are still very playful and friendly, welcoming new friends easily, but on the rare occasion that they do get angered, smoke can be seen coming from their nose.

Furdragon Adult:
The adult Furdragons have acute hearing, the best out of all the species. Their wings are fully developed, and the arms are now covered in a soft fur. Their tail still isn’t very long but is still growing, and their legs have become muscular. Even as an adult they are still childish in the behaviour, and are very welcoming to any species willing to play with them.

Furdragon Ancient:
The ancient Furdragon is no longer so active, but is still a playful character. A small beard has grown under their snout, and surprisingly enough, the tail still appears to be growing! They no longer can be considered naive, and can be serious when the occasion requires.

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