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Exclusive Items

Post  Ocean on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:54 am

Dark Necklace= +3 Dark Aura per post(Dark Dragons Only)

Eastern Ring= + 3 Red Aura per post(Eastern Dragons Only)

Feline Arm Bracelet= +3 Dragon Fur per post(Felidragons Only)

Fur Scarf= +3 Dragon Fur per post(Furdragons only)

Westen Tail Bracelet= +3 Green Aura per post(Western Dragons only)

Dino Leg Bracelet= +3 Reptile Scales per post(Dions only)

Wyvern Wingband= +3 Dragon Scales per post(Wyverns only)

Ptero Ribbon= +3 Reptile Scales per post(Pterodragons Only)

Lizardus Ring= +3 Blue Aura(Lizardus only)

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