"Resources" Application

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"Resources" Application

Post  Ocean on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:40 pm

This is how you spend and earn resources

Every time you post in "Forest" or "Element Zone":
You get 5 aura of your element. ex: Water type gets 5 blue aura
You get 3 of your secondary resource (Dragon Fur, Dragon Scales, Reptile Scales)
You can:
Sell items at the "Item Market"
Sell Aura at the "Aura Trading Booths"
Sell Exclusive Items at the "Black Dragon Market"
You can:
Buy Aura at the "Aura Trading Booths"
Buy Items at the "Item Market"
Buy Exclusive Items such as the Element Shifter at the "Black Dragon Market"
I will be awarding items weekly to dragons, so keep checking back!
Item awards are announced on Fridays
Any Questions? PM me!

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