Dragon Elements

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Dragon Elements

Post  Ocean on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:12 pm

On this roleplay there are only seven PROPER elements


Most dragons of the fire element have some sort of reddish color in they're scales.(with the exception of a few species')
They have complete control over fire.


Most dragons of the air element have purplish or white colored scales. (with the exception of some species')
They have complete control over the wind and could even cause thunderstorms if they wished


Most Dragons of the earth element have a greenish color in they're scales. (once again with the exception of a few species')
Earth elementals have complete control over the ground and can cause earthquakes at will


Most dragons of the water element have a blueish color to their scales, but just because a dragons scales are blue doesnt ean they are of the water element.
Water elementals have complete control over water, they could create tsunami's if they wanted


Dragons of the albino element are Dark Dragon that have white colored scales and red eyes.
They have complete control over ice and could even cause blizzard if they wished


All dragons of the silver element have silvery-gray colored scales.
Silver dragons are respected by most, but not as much as the gold elementals. Silver elementals have mastered two of the known elements.


All dragons of the gold element have golden colored scales.
Gold dragons are the most revered and respected dragons, as they have worked hard to master all the elements

Please note that only admins can give you silver and gold elements, you cannot just join the site and be a silver or gold dragon.

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